Over the past two decades we at Abhikalpan have undergone a remarkable growth in the process of creating spaces by delving into the depth of the design intricacies.

Expertise, creativity and devotion on the part of the architects serve as the foundation for the firm’s dynamics. Our talented design professionals draw on holistic approaches to solve the toughest challenges ensuring a stronger and better-coordinated end solution.

As one of the leading architecture and planning firms in Mumbai, we offer first-class professional and comprehensive services in all fields of architecture. These services are provided in a wide range of projects varying in scale and context, including Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Structural and MEP Engineering, and Graphic Design.

All projects ranging from small scale residences to large scale Townships reflect careful attention to detail in all aspects of design starting from conceptualization to the execution of the project. We ensure that the structures that we design assimilate gracefully with their surroundings, becoming an integral part of the context while maintaining their distinct and artistic appeal.

Our team regards its work as a labor of love through which it strives to forge and strengthen ties between designers, clients, users and community.